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Seeing "Service Unavailable" error message?
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Seeing "Service Unavailable" error message?

Service Unavailable

Chances are if you have left the app running for a bit and opened another app while losing service sometime in the interim, you may see this message flash. Most of the time it is nothing and you are welcome to dismiss it or let it auto-dismiss after a few seconds. You may notice while on airplane mode, in a place without internet, or currently with cellular services turned off, it will prevent certain things from updating and loading, but you will be able to access the app and see your personal information and much more.


Steps to ensure the fastest stable network possible

If you are experiencing issues where the map is not loading, the price is not updating, or any number of other things, we recommend you follow the below steps for an optimal experience.

  1. Turn off Airplane mode.
  2. Check to make sure you have LTE on if you are using your cellular data.
  3. Close other apps that may be running in the background.
  4. And most importantly, "Connect to your home internet network". We cannot stress this enough. Because you are home anyway, you might as well not leave a consistent experience to your mobile provider, especially if you live in a mountainous environment or in an apartment building where signals are known to not be the best in terms of reliability.
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