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Why can't I remove my email or phone number?
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Why can't I remove my email or phone number?

In order to have a CureDash account, you have to have both a valid email address and phone number. The phone is needed to confirm from the doctor or nurse practitioner that you may receive treatment. The email is needed to receive your receipt following treatment.

Error Messages you might have come across

If you tried to remove these, you may see any of the following error messages:

CureDash-phone-number-required-error-message.png CureDash-invalid-email-error-message.png CureDash-email-required-error-message.png

To Remove all your Personal Data from our servers

Send an email to FROM the email that is registered with your account mentioning wanting a "Data Scrub" in the Subject line. If we can confirm that the email you sent it from is the email currently registered to an account, we will deactivate it ideally within 48 hours and email you back when it is complete. Note that if you do this, you will not be able to sign back into your CureDash Patient app and to do so would require you to register from scratch all over again; all of your previous cure history will be lost and all your credit cards and personal info will have to be re-entered in.